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Teambuilding Games - ICEBREAKERS & FUN - Multimedia Training CD

BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently Sold Out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently Sold Out!


Vol_3 Team Building Games - Icebreakers & Fun is filled with 40 activities to get your group laughing and having fun together. You’ll find games that are fast and active, slow and calm, get to know you, puzzles, fun debrief tools, and more. Some games can be played with small groups and others with large groups and all have been tested with a wide range of ages (adult, college and school age) and diverse populations (business, education, camps, sports, clubs, etc.).

IATF multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now

Special Bonus Material Contained on This CD:

  1. Introduction To Leading Team Building Games – an invaluable resource for any team leader.
  2. Audio Interview with Jack Canfield, coauthor of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series which are the best selling books of all time. He shares tested principles for building your success team.


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently Sold Out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently Sold Out!


Activities on this CD:

1. A Different Drum
2. All My Neighbors
3. A What A Which
4. Bag of Questions
5. Bandana Tag
6. Big Question
7. Blanket Name Game
8. Bottoms Up
9. Butt Pennies
10. Butt Spelling
11. Dice Racing
12. Egg Balance
13. Electric Hands
14. ESP
15. Eye Scream
16. Full Contact Piñata
17. Green Blue Black
18. Ground Slap
19. Hammer Puzzle
20. Human Bingo
21. Human Taffy
22. Jumping George
23. Leg Nylon Head Ball
24. Lycra Tube
25. Match Trick
26. Metaphor Cards
27. Mingle Mingle
28. Mousetrap Tower
29. Nail Balance
30. Name Badge
31. Nine Dots
32. Ninja Clothespin
33. Partner Stand Up
34. Partner Tag
35. Pass The Can
36. Pay Attention Toss
37. Quick Draw Numbers
38. Rattlers
39. Secret Motions
40. Shoe Factory

BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently Sold Out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently Sold Out!


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