Teambuilding Games 101 -- Multimedia Training CD
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Team Building Games - ADVANCED - Multimedia Training CD


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Vol_2 Team Building Games ADVANCED contains 31 experiential learning exercises that use distinctive props, which you can easily make yourself using the detailed instructions provided within (or purchase the pre-made props). This one-of-a-kind multimedia CD will help your group explore teamwork in new and exciting ways. Most of these activities are for groups of 10-20 people, though a few may be played with larger groups (50 or more). Every activity is designed to creatively engage participants and provide openings for important discussions that will help your group become a high performing team.

TeachMeTeamwork multi-media training CDs are designed to help you quickly and easily learn the activities with:

  • Video Clips of people actively involved in playing the games
  • Color Photos for a quick idea of the activity
  • Printable Directions for convenience in leading the activity
  • Easy & Quick Navigation to find the right activity now


Special Bonus Material Contained on This CD:

  1. Introduction To Leading Team Building Games – an invaluable resource for any team leader. 
  2. Audio Interview with best-selling author and motivational speaker Brian Biro. Listen to Brian share powerful insights on teamwork and leadership.


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!


Activities on this CD:

1. All Aboard
2. A-Frame
3. Amoeba Electric Fence
4. Big Safe Island
5. Consensus Ropes
6. Channels
7. Cube
8. Focus Ring
9. Four Clients
10. Four Corner Traverse
11. Funderbird
12. Gas Leak
13. Geo Web
14. Giant Egg Ladder
15. Helium Stick
16. Hole Tarp
17. Hot Stuff
18. Human Ladder
19. Infinite Loops
20. Island Hop
21. Key Punch
22. Magic Carpet
23. Minefield
24. Object Retrieval
25. Save the World
26. Stilts River
27. Stepping Stones
28. Team Traks
29. Team Labyrinth
30. Team Balance Board
31. Teamwork Pipes


BUY NOW U.S. & Canada $39.95  Currently sold out!

BUY NOW International $39.95  Currently sold out!

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Team building Games CD Advanced is it compatible with Mac?

Tom Heck

Yes this and all of my CDs are compatible with Mac and PC. I'm a Mac user.

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